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My uncle passed away

My uncle passed away at 5.20am this morning at my hometown and I just know about it few minutes ago(and now is 1106am) since my sis left a message on my phone.

It was quite depressing since I’m quite close with my uncle and he raised me as his own since his own son, my age, passed away when he was little. I wanted to cry but I can’t since someone has to be strong.

I missed him. But I cannot go and take holiday just to go to his funeral. I’m in the state of depression

Am I cruel for not attending his funeral?


It’s quite upsetting for today. First I have no means of transport for the rest of this week. Meaning $22 for a day and $88 for a week and that sucks. a lot

Second, I call the damn car dealer and he said my car would only be out after one month which is for is seriously DAMNED inconvenient. Then, what is the point of buying car if I had to wait for one month when I really wanted the DAMN car this week..tODAY to be precise!!

Who should I blame?I believe, for the rest of this week, I won’t eat.Don’t ask why. I just pissed with everything

Learn English peeps~

This question was out during an exam here in Malaysia.Science paper:

Some of the questions taken from the exam paper are listed below:

– “The diagram shows three animals which have the difference way to survive of their species.”

– “What is inference based on this investigation?”

– “Give observation to support the inference in (a)”

– “Predict what animal Q do if enemies disturb their eggs?”

– “What conclusion can be make from this investigation?”

– “They notes their investigation below. (Mereka mencatat penyiasatan seperti di bawah)”

– “One week life spent (Satu minggu jangkahayat)”

– “Tree days life spent (Tiga hari jangka hayat)”

– “What is observation from this investigation?”

– “Predict the distance of the ping pong balls move which on carpet surface.”

– “The diagram shows the relationship between a distance of ball from the torch and the size of the shadow.”

Ask me and I would say its very shameful. I am not laughing at the mistake but ironically I’m crying. If the teachers are at this level, then, what would happens to the students?

I would laugh to see this, if it was in someone else’s blogs or essay but in exam paper?This is sad.

The government should take a strict act to prevent this again.
My suggestion is, accessing the teachers who teaches certain subjects. Just because the teacher has a degree, it doesn’t mean that the person can basically teaches everything.

For English, perhaps the government should make a rule saying that English teachers must passed either IELTS or TOEFL or TESOL/TESL as a basic requirement. Or at least check their MUET (malaysian University English Test) first. If the teachers MUET level is less than band 5, then there is no point for them to become English teacher. I’m not evil for I am worried of the students English level. We all knows that English is used everywhere in this world. Even in Japan, the infamous country where the citizen doesn’t know English, they ARE local Japanese who speaks in English.And I am speaking from my experience.

Somehow, behind my knowledge, me and this one sis were assigned to become the organizer for May and June bday and welcome party and we have to prepare for less than two weeks for the damn party.

I was pissed off cause first, I wasn’t informed of it up until yesterday.

Second, I NEVER agreed on becoming one. I rather not coming to all of the damn party.

Third, I HATE going out on other days. So what??I just don’t want to see any of my colleagues faces. I’ve seen enough from Monday and Friday, 8am to 545pm. I have my own life. That’s it. Period.

Fourth reason is though my blog still runs, my twitter keeps updating and my gtalk doesn’t stop sending me IM’s, but believe me or not, I have jobs and I am busy since my workload is very crappy. I have a document to translate from japanese to english for tomorrow’s presentation and I only finish up to 50%. Then I have to check all the specs to complete the global list. I have to maintain the homepage cause I was the mods. I do all of the internet related things since I want to release my tension and I’m not a robot.

And she was insisting like she was a supreme power and no one can say no to her. Both of us says no and she was angry. have to consult with her first and so on.

So, my conclusion is this.. She’s in my black book aka the bad people list. She better stops doing this before I start labeling her as a bitch

[edit: 18/05/2010 13:38]
She’s officially a bitch. She forward that message to my boss. and the best part is, my boss said me, I’m stress. my friend also agreed that she is a bitch

My current wish list

I’m greed so I need this to be alive <33

1) PSP

Who doesn’t want a psp? Its practical, portable and useful. OK, non-gamers wouldn’t want this XD

2) ps3!!

Game is like a life. Without game..I would pretty much bored to death. I’d marry the guy who give me a free ps3<33

If I’m getting married, I would request the latest game console as a gift. No game no marriage XD

3) Car

Few more days/weeks, I would be the proud owner of a myv SE. I hate the I behind myvi.

4) Nintendo DS

I want to play Kuroshitsuji game!!I’m a  big fan of the anime and SID <33

PLKN student??

Yesterday, There was a 18 years old student in the PLKN camp (National training camp) gave birth to a baby son in the toilet. I don’t know if she’s planning to hide the birth but people in the camp discover her when they heard the baby cries.

Cases like this in Malaysia is quite gruesome. To tell the truth, lately the issues of throwing babies like they were nothing is like a trend nowadays and its VERY disturbing. I’m not accusing that 18years old student is planning to do so and I actually hope that she won’t but I wish Malaysian teenagers would stop going sleeping around and if you girls are pregnant, ask your freakin’ boyfriend to be responsible. Don’t just throw your babies as if they were rubbish. Its disturbing!

Some info that I stumbled upon at Yahoo. Is it really a scam or is it real?
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Politics is funny

Personally, I think politics is funny..
Though sometimes, I can’t help being emotional on some issues that were raised by the oppositions party. But sometimes, it was quite ridiculous to the point even a 5-years old knows that is illogical


There’s too many job fair. But unfortunately, I can’t go to any due to stupid reasons.
Like the previous week, I can’t go cause I have to go back to Bangi in the weekend to meet my adpoted family and I have no transport to go to klcc.I was dragged. I told my babysitter weeks before but on that day, they forgot it and drag me to Bangi.

Last week, I can’t cause I don’t have any transport to KLCC (again). I’ve told my “babysitter” about wanting to go to klcc several days before and on that day, she went out to somewhere else. And to be honest, I was quite depressed.

I hate to depends on people. No matter how depressed my life is (depends on how people see my life), I hate when someone else interfere with it..even if you’re my parents, I still hate it.

So, I’m currently planning for some evil plans that is including running away from my baby sitter. I had enough of it actually. That’s why I called them as my babysitter.