There’s too many job fair. But unfortunately, I can’t go to any due to stupid reasons.
Like the previous week, I can’t go cause I have to go back to Bangi in the weekend to meet my adpoted family and I have no transport to go to klcc.I was dragged. I told my babysitter weeks before but on that day, they forgot it and drag me to Bangi.

Last week, I can’t cause I don’t have any transport to KLCC (again). I’ve told my “babysitter” about wanting to go to klcc several days before and on that day, she went out to somewhere else. And to be honest, I was quite depressed.

I hate to depends on people. No matter how depressed my life is (depends on how people see my life), I hate when someone else interfere with it..even if you’re my parents, I still hate it.

So, I’m currently planning for some evil plans that is including running away from my baby sitter. I had enough of it actually. That’s why I called them as my babysitter.