Somehow, behind my knowledge, me and this one sis were assigned to become the organizer for May and June bday and welcome party and we have to prepare for less than two weeks for the damn party.

I was pissed off cause first, I wasn’t informed of it up until yesterday.

Second, I NEVER agreed on becoming one. I rather not coming to all of the damn party.

Third, I HATE going out on other days. So what??I just don’t want to see any of my colleagues faces. I’ve seen enough from Monday and Friday, 8am to 545pm. I have my own life. That’s it. Period.

Fourth reason is though my blog still runs, my twitter keeps updating and my gtalk doesn’t stop sending me IM’s, but believe me or not, I have jobs and I am busy since my workload is very crappy. I have a document to translate from japanese to english for tomorrow’s presentation and I only finish up to 50%. Then I have to check all the specs to complete the global list. I have to maintain the homepage cause I was the mods. I do all of the internet related things since I want to release my tension and I’m not a robot.

And she was insisting like she was a supreme power and no one can say no to her. Both of us says no and she was angry. have to consult with her first and so on.

So, my conclusion is this.. She’s in my black book aka the bad people list. She better stops doing this before I start labeling her as a bitch

[edit: 18/05/2010 13:38]
She’s officially a bitch. She forward that message to my boss. and the best part is, my boss said me, I’m stress. my friend also agreed that she is a bitch