Am I very cruel if I said I don’t agree with this? When I read about this it seems like the government is encouraging more and more pregnant teens. Yesterday, there’s another news on one month old fetus found amongst piles of trash bags {here; no picture btw T__T}.

Last month, I found disturbing images regarding another baby that was thrown away by the roadside {articles here; pictures is included}

Why should we bother giving them the privileges of continuing school when they had messed up their first chance? Their babies that was cruelly killed and thrown away doesn’t even had a chance to see this world through their own eyes..not even their first word..not even standing by their own legs. So, why do special privileges are given to them??The parents who thrown away their babies as if they were nothing.( FYI, in my country throwing babies cases are related to unmarried teenagers who got pregnant while still in school..I simply guess they never heard the PROTECTION word*insert sarcasm here*)

Governments are better off focusing educating kids and people in the rural area instead of focusing attentions to them.

Its true there were some cases where the teenagers got pregnant cause they were raped. But you didn’t have to make school especially for them. Send them to counselling, help them to rebuilt their self-esteem and give them choice on what do they want for their future and helps them.

For example if you really make a school for this teenagers, wouldn’t the graduates of the school would be somehow insulted as they carried the name of the school that is known for pregnant teenagers behind their backs for the rest of their lives??(unless they finally find out how to erase that record)

The link to the school articles: here; no usual