I saw the story for couple of times since my sis really likes the stow and yesterday was the finale episode.

My comment:
overall the “jalan cerita” is about a dad (Rashid) who has a grunge towards this one family (I’m sorry that I didn’t remember the uncle’s name except the fact I know they kept calling him org tua, org tua meaning old guy..rude word by the way.His grand daughter name is Lyza).
The story is very interesting as Rashid plots over on how to manipulate destroy the family. To get close with the family, they killed Lyza’s fiancé in an accident and married her since Rizal (Rashid’s son) is both of Lyza and her fiancé’s best friend. After they got married, lost of things happens which makes the story interesting.

I didn’t watch the story for a week and when I watch it again, suddenly Rizal’s attitude changes as in he was supposed to be a psychopath, he married with Lyza due to his grunge, he killed Lyza’s ex-fiancé, paid a witchdoctor to rape Lyza (note; HIS OWN WIFE), proposing an elder women who has been his friend for so long time already to be his second wife (note: Muslim’s can married up until 4 wife’s only) and so on..

The funny thing is, in the beginning, Rizal seems to loved Lyza very much and we can actually seen from his actions, words and expression. So, it puzzles me when Rizal suddenly became evil in the end cause even if he has a double or split personality from the beginning, he should at least shown it a bit..a hint perhaps, during the starting of the story.Even if he’s crazy, he should at least show his tendency during the early part of the story.

Others? Rizal’s action during the last part wasn’t convincing..heck, if you’re locked up inside mental institution, you wouldn’t even have time to think about personal hygiene. His nail was cut short and clean. his face though its full of stubbles, but we can actually knows that he take cares of his skin.nmpk sgt clear..so, not really convincing.
Moreover, the ending was waaaay too long and not really clear..We had to wait for a while to know which one of the characters is dead and the person who was sentence of 7 and 1/2 years of imprisonment pun saya tak tau. Even the reason on why did Rashid hold grunge at Lyza’s family at first wasn’t really clear up until it was on the climax and Lyza’s having two flashes in the same time (she had a power of seeing into the future or past if anything triggers her..or something like that) and during that time we can actually knows the real story behind Rashid’s madness but I think the author of this story can do a lot better if he/she gives a hint throughout the story not concludes every single details in the end.Audience can get impatient.

I wont comment on the actor/actresses performance since I only know one or two of them..