Between both language, which one is a lot easier?

I’m currently trying to learn Japanese language seriously and I hope this is my imagination only but I think my Japanese language is getting rusty..Perhaps the lack from watching anime XD

Even the word 2 person or “二人” pronounced as futari, when I was trying to remember how to pronounced it (I was chit chatting with a Japanese co-worker), I simplified it as two = ni and person = nin, so, ni nin = futari. Yeah, I know its stupid but somehow, a simple words as futari, I can’t seem to recalls yeah..headesk time

And I think my Japanese co-worker seems to enjoy seeing me getting blurred, fidgeting and getting frustrated on figuring what the hell he is talking about. He’s definitely an S XD

So, we had a talk yesterday on language, how old I am when I started learning English, my slang (including giving him an example of what slang means^^) and so, he asked me one bonus question, Japanese and English, which one is harder?and he said Japanese languages is a lot easier.

If you asks me, English is a lot easier.Perhaps the reason is I had learnt English ever since I was a toddler and the same goes to him for learning Japanese at early age.

Other than that, English is A LOT EASIER to read. As long as you know the alphabet or called romaji in Japanese, you can read English and understands that (ignore the fact that you probably pronounce it in the wrong way). Japanese writing system we called as katakana, hiragana and kanji is a lot harder especially when it comes to kanji. For katakana and hiragana, as long as you can remember the main, example:

Hiragana: あ、え、い、お、う <–(a,e,i,o,u)

Katakana: ア、エ、イ、オ、ウ    <–(a,e,i,o,u)

where katakana is usually used for English word that has been ” Japanize” (my own term btw) and hiragana is for Japanese words. The trickiest part is, not all word is used as hiragana else, people will get, that’s where kanji comes into the picture.

more example:

English: My name is Zizie

Japanese: watashi-no-namae-wa-Zizie-desu

Hiragana :




Its quite hard to explain but as you can see, the hiragana characters that is colored in light green and yellow is changed into kanji character. While my name, Zizie is using Katakana character to show that my name is not belong to any of Japanese words..or something like that.

For Kanji part, its very hard to explain..That’s why personally, I think Japanese language is a lot harder than English. At least I can read English directly..I can only read several simple kanji characters..I really hope I can read kanji in the future *wish hard* XD

Anyway, what do you guys think about it? Play with poll and leave your thought behind^^