28th July 2010

Wow,Its been two months since I’ve updated. I’m still working with the same company though I had a job interview tomorrow with CITIBANK, I think, I’ll pass it. Somehow, between collecting more and more experience and moving to another company that only promised salary raise up until $500, I’m not tempted. I only want more. So, perhaps wait up until 1 or another two years then moved on ^^Y

18th May 2010

Stupid colleagues. I hate this one particular colleague of mine. I’ll tell you what actually happens in here.

14th May 2010

hm.. I’m currently busy maintaining my blogs. it’s quite harder than what I originally thought. The hardest part is to keep up with all of the news and posting it to the net and second hardest part is to figure out the settings.
I’m glad that my work is not as hectic as the beginning of the week. And tomorrow’s holiday!!and~

I want to buy two hair straightener (for me and my friend) and I’d met two my uni’s friend. Its been a while since I last met them

12th May 2010

Though I have to wear this uniform to work and I look exactly like the so-called “minah kilang” (Its half true considering I’m working in kilang as well^^ though I don’t go into production at all *raise banner* HAIL R&D), but sometimes I feel glad that I have to wear uniform.

Main reason is that at least I don’t have to think which shirt or dress or pants or even skirts that I have to wear on the next day. Second would be when I was in shopping complex, no one aka people who’re selling insurance or credit card or any salesman/woman will approaches me XD
Usually when I was in the lift aka the elevator in my apartment complex, the other residents would stare at least twice at my name tag. I fell a bit insulted but well, in the end..who cares

11th May 2010

I had a fight with the Japan side today. They’re asking for something that is impossible. I’m not your PM. Dont ask me for something that only PM can do.

6th May 2010

Currently one of my task is involving a lot of translating documents. Japanese documents to English documents. It’s quite an easy job if you have bad English..seriously.

So, currently I’m wondering which translation site is OK.

My current favourite<3

Though the last two has some disadvantage but I prefer using translator where it translate to Romaji first then English. As long as I know the meaning in English, then I can construct the words using words from my own dictionary<33

But the problem is, it’s a pain in the ass T^T